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JK's Affordable Insurance Agency LLC

Sunde N Nyah

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Insurance Categories
Commercial insurance

Short form application for General Liability, Professional Liability, Workman's Compensation and Business Owner's Policies. For higher risk please fill out form by exact category.

Commercial Auto

Need coverage for your fleet of trucks, Buses or cars. Start application here to apply with multiple carriers and receive the lowest quotes available.


Apply here for all types of insurance for your restaurant. General Liability, Liquor Liability, Commercial Property, and Umbrella Insurance.

excess liability

Apply here if you need an umbrella policy. You must currently have a General Liability Policy.

Personal Auto

Apply here for a low insurance quote on your personal vehicle.

General Liability

If you are not able to get a quote with our short form, fill out the online accord form 126. This will be converted and sent to various carriers for a quote. 

Workmen's Comp

We offer workman Compensation policies for every category. Get the lowest rates by filling out your workman's Comp application here.

Client portal

Access all your insurance policies through 1 portal. If you have purchased a policy on our platform you may login and access all your policy documents here. You may also request policy changes or updates here.

Agent portal

If you are an independent agent or a broker and you would like to become part of our network of Agencies. Click here to register and get free leads. We help to jump-start your agency.

Commercial Insurance Accords

Apply here for all types of business Insurance. Fill out online application and receive a copy of accord form to submit wherever you chose.

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BUsiness supplemental applications

Accord form not enough to define your risk! Fill out supplemental applications here and receive a copy of your application to submit wherever you decide.

Personal Lines Accords

Click here to fill out an Accord form for personal Auto, Home or any other personal insurance needed..